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Here's how males whose income is below the poverty line are distributed by age in Arkansas:

Males with Incomebelow the Poverty LineUnder 18 - 9.7%18 to 45 - 45.7%45 to 65 - 23.4%Over 65 - 21.2%


At the same time, the income of females in Berryville AR is distributed as follows:

Females with Incomebelow the Poverty LineUnder 18 - 22.7%18 to 45 - 25.7%45 to 65 - 7.5%Over 65 - 44.2%

There are 613 people living below the poverty line in Berryville AR, which is 11.61% of the total population. And males with incomes below the poverty level are 5.27% and females are 6.35%. You can see a comparison of the national poverty rate and the poverty rate by Arkansas in the graph below.

Income below the PovertyLine in the total Population11.6%88.4%PovertyNon-poverty
Income below the Poverty Line Comparisonwith the state and US in generalBerryville ARArkansasUSA015304560759011.6116.2112.3488.3983.7987.66PovertyNon-poverty
Berryville ARArkansasUSA
Income in the past 12 months below poverty level:613474,73939,490,096
Under 5 years621,5881,755,965
5 years153,941338,372
6 to 11 years624,5402,089,994
12 to 14 years-11,356991,916
15 years-3,424329,253
16 and 17 years-7,463587,469
18 to 24 years4426,4712,373,524
25 to 34 years1823,4172,008,604
35 to 44 years6521,1781,668,264
45 to 54 years6220,4421,581,794
55 to 64 years322,8641,932,142
65 to 74 years-10,8141,110,958
75 years and over597,467705,196
Under 5 years4125,4661,701,724
5 years213,843334,386
6 to 11 years-25,0641,994,455
12 to 14 years-12,935974,855
15 years-4,200313,871
16 and 17 years147,628588,210
18 to 24 years5433,0682,838,809
25 to 34 years1039,2293,196,183
35 to 44 years2228,4902,559,899
45 to 54 years2521,8612,003,957
55 to 64 years-32,7752,341,181
65 to 74 years8517,2811,598,994
75 years and over6317,9341,570,121
Income in the past 12 months at or above poverty level:4,6662,454,378280,628,695
Under 5 years23667,2557,966,478
5 years1114,7471,601,101
6 to 11 years23191,93710,113,589
12 to 14 years13252,2295,466,999
15 years-13,5791,787,123
16 and 17 years1735,8603,575,290
18 to 24 years333102,24611,503,514
25 to 34 years492160,39320,369,354
35 to 44 years197157,68318,681,219
45 to 54 years315153,74618,194,842
55 to 64 years222159,35418,267,027
65 to 74 years168126,73713,408,392
75 years and over3880,8168,335,111
Under 5 years17164,8207,577,995
5 years2913,2771,530,561
6 to 11 years21889,2869,640,402
12 to 14 years7344,1535,224,060
15 years2316,6531,734,691
16 and 17 years10930,2403,414,694
18 to 24 years10289,99710,460,313
25 to 34 years345154,62019,171,787
35 to 44 years268160,83718,362,059
45 to 54 years357160,74118,647,222
55 to 64 years185166,57319,541,316
65 to 74 years200143,90015,097,790
75 years and over194102,69910,955,766


There are about 267 wartime veterans living in Berryville AR, which is about 0.00% of all Berryville AR residents. The average percent of veterans by Arkansas is 0.0% and their average percentage in the US is 0.0%.

VeteransNon-Veterans - 100.0%
Number of Veterans Comparisonwith state and US in generalBerryville ARArkansasUSA020406080100000100100100Non-Veterans
Berryville ARArkansasUSA
Gulf War (9/2001 or later) no Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) no Vietnam Era2729,2092,449,751
Gulf War (9/2001 or later) and Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) no Vietnam Era610,7411,257,922
Gulf War (9/2001 or later) and Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) and Vietnam Era-43365,035
Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) no Vietnam Era1924,0252,233,613
Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) and Vietnam Era-2,937278,423
Vietnam Era, no Korean War, no World War II11665,0155,735,736
Vietnam Era and Korean War, no World War II-2,164101,789
Vietnam Era and Korean War and World War II--11,894
Korean War, no Vietnam Era, no World War II2510,1071,013,648
Korean War and World War II, no Vietnam Era-4728,765
World War II, no Korean War, no Vietnam Era122,777339,668
Between Gulf War and Vietnam Era only5324,1002,508,911
Between Vietnam Era and Korean War only512,8081,338,116
Between Korean War and World War II only-53153,111
Pre-World War II only41021,969

Languages in Berryville AR

As you know, the Tower of Babel led to a mixture of languages. Well, let's see what it led to Berryville AR and if you have a chance to learn a new language from its residents! We will also compare language proficiency in Berryville AR with the state and the country as a whole.

Languagesin Berryville AREnglish only - 77.9%Spanish - 16.2%Asian/Islander - 5.9%
Languages in Berryville AR comparisonwith state and US in generalBerryville ARArkansasUSA02040608010077.9192.3878.0516.225.5713.5200.693.715.871.233.5500.131.17English onlySpanishIndo-EuropeanAsian/IslanderOther
Berryville ARArkansasUSA
5 to 17 years:899515,68553,562,950
Speak only English602465,80041,478,983
Speak Spanish21739,3968,584,628
Speak other Indo-European languages-1,8731,582,757
Speak Asian and Pacific Island languages808,1761,267,640
Speak other languages-440648,942
18 to 64 years:3,2341,794,555201,197,710
Speak only English2,4591,643,685153,739,862
Speak Spanish592110,49529,127,154
Speak other Indo-European languages-14,6387,838,587
Speak Asian and Pacific Island languages18322,8627,897,299
Speak other languages-2,8752,594,808
65 years and over:855524,23754,074,028
Speak only English825509,06845,813,498
Speak Spanish-7,9134,045,609
Speak other Indo-European languages-3,0632,044,287
Speak Asian and Pacific Island languages303,7331,808,378
Speak other languages-460362,256

Berryville AR Crime Rates 2001-2010

Crime in Berryville AR 2001-201020012002200320042005200620072008200920100255075100125150175200225250275300325350Violent crimeProperty crimeLarceny-theftMotor vehicle theft
Violent crimeProperty crimeLarceny-theftMotor vehicle theft

Residential fires in Berryville AR 2005-2009

Residential firesin Berryville AR2005200620072008200902.557.51012.51517.52022.52527.53022214129169821Residential FiresNon Residential FiresVehicle FiresOutdoor Fires
Residential Fires22200
Non Residential Fires00010
Vehicle Fires10401
Outdoor Fires2916982
Other Fire00000

Causes of residential building fires in Berryville AR

Causes of residential buildingfires in Berryville AR20052006200700.
Playing with heat source000--
Electrical malfunction000--
Open flame000--