Is there a Costco scam?” This question is one of many people have and have got most worried about. The answer is Yes. This warehouse retailer has reported several scam cases, and now, they want customers to know important things so they don’t become the next victims. Unfortunately, scammers will always do their thing, but it all depends on you avoiding these tricks. This article discusses the various Costco scams and how to protect yourself effectively. 

is costco a scam

What Are Costco Scams?

Costco is scam when customers are asked to provide sensitive details after sending them fraudulent emails or text messages. The truth is: the warehouse retailer will never ask for your personal details in exchange for rewards or exclusive offers. There is only foul play, and the scammer is only trying to steal your identity or money. 

That being said, the answer to “Is Costco a scam?” depends on what you’ve been asked to provide. 

Costco Scams You Should Be Aware of

Recently, Costco wholesale warned shoppers about the increased number of scam cases. It implores customers to be aware of the currently known scams to protect themselves. These are; 

1. Fake Costco site 

A popular scam about Costco is the fake website. Scammers use this trick to get people into providing personal information or get backdoor access to their devices. These websites appear to be legit but are, in fact, fake. However, the URL is a good way to identify its legitimacy.

2. Exclusive Rewards

It is most likely a scam if you’ve been promised or invited to an exclusive reward program or giveaway at Costco. These tricksters target their victims by sending a phishing email or link telling them to participate in a giveaway program by clicking it. Unfortunately, this phishing scam is only a plot to get your credit card or sensitive information. 

3. Fake Online Survey

Costco scams are also not limited to fake surveys. These criminals send people text messages bearing malicious links to fake survey pages or sites. In this online or text survey, you may be asked to provide sensitive details, such as full name, date of birth, bank information, etc. 

4. Loyalty Reward Text

Like the fake exclusive giveaway or reward program, the loyalty reward text is another scam. Criminals target the customers via text, claiming they have been rewarded with a voucher for their loyalty to the brand. However, one must complete a fake verification process to claim loyalty rewards. If the process requires providing sensitive data, then it is most likely a scam. 

5. Fake Job Interview 

Another major warning is the fake job interview at a wholesale location. It is likely a scam if you haven’t applied to Costco company and you get an email or text about a scheduled job interview. In fact, scammers may ask you to provide certain personal details to proceed with the hiring process. 

6. Fraud Social Media Post

Social media pranks are not new, and fraudsters can leverage this to scam the company shoppers. For instance, they use Facebook posts to trick their victims into clicking on fake websites. Unknowingly, you might provide your personal details during signup or registration, which can be used for illicit purposes. 

7. COVID-19 Scam

The COVID-19 stimulus package is one of the popularly known scams. Fraudsters have used this method to trick several people into providing personal or financial information. Naturally, people love freebies, but only a few are legit. The Costco coronavirus stimulus package is definitely not one. 

8. Direct Deposit Fraud

Direct deposit fraud at Costco is also one of the recognized phishing scams. You could get a text from a strange number claiming to be a Costco representative and asking that you connect or verify your credit card to get cashback. Unfortunately, the only thing happening here is illegal access to account information. 

9. Gift Card Scam

As a shopper, you could get gift cards from Costco Shop Card. But you wouldn’t get the ability to redeem your gift card through strange websites. Scammers often text people to redeem their gift cards urgently by clicking malicious links. 

10. Television Scam 

A new warning – people are advised to pay attention to is the Costco television scam. Usually, people get phishing emails about winning a television set from the wholesaler. While this may seem like exciting news, it could be a fraud, especially if you are asked to provide specific personal info to claim your prize. 

11. Postal Service Fraud

Postal scams involving Costco could come as fake U.S. postal service official emails asking you to provide sensitive data to proceed with package delivery. It is likely a scam if you haven’t processed any delivery. You shouldn’t fill out the form or click any link provided. 

How to Protect Yourself from Costco Frauds?

With the different scams described above, it is enough to be careful about providing details to fraudsters. Below is a list of ways to prevent becoming a victim of this fraud.  

costco is scam

1. Avoid Clicking Malicious Links 

A useful tip is to never click on a fake Costco website or any malicious link in a text or email. If you have to deal with the company’s wholesale, you should visit the company’s official website and get whatever information from it. The company won’t send unsolicited messages from a strange number or an unsecured site. 

2. Contact Costco Customer service

Costco customers have their needs met effectively through the company’s customer support department. If you have an inquiry, you should contact this department immediately. For instance, if you have received a text about a reward or giveaway, you can ask customer service if it is legit and for more details regarding such an offer. 

3. Ignore Text Requesting Personal Information 

Another way to avoid being a scam victim is to learn to ignore it. You don’t have to attend to everything that goes through your mobile device – they are often scams. If you see a strange number claiming to be a Costco representation and requesting your personal info, you should ignore it. Avoid reading through the text and getting tricked into clicking a link or filling out an application form. 

4. Disregard All Rewards Content

Costco is a big company; anyone would expect reward programs from them. However, if the wholesale company doesn’t create awareness about specific rewards available, then every other thing is fake. You should disregard all rewards content at any sight of one. 

How Can Radaris Help?

Finding out the red flags is important to avoid getting scammed. While many people have successfully figured out these red flags, some are still lacking. Well, is one useful website to help find out if you are about to be scammed on Costco or not. 

The open-source tool, Radaris, is designed to provide helpful information about someone with internet footprints. This software sources relevant data across various platforms, presenting a comprehensive profile about such a person. For instance, to find out about a Costco scammer, you only have to provide the phone number or email address. This people search site runs searches across the internet to find the person registered to that detail.  


Is Costco winner a scam?” At the end of this article, you should realize now that fraudsters use various techniques to scam people, and it is important to be updated about each of them. And while you are aware of the tricks, you should also try to protect yourself, such as using Radaris software to identify the criminal. Once you’ve done that, every other thing becomes easy. 


Does Costco email gift cards?

Yes, it does. 

Costco Shop Card emails a link with your gift card within 24 hours of the request. If you haven’t requested and you get one, it is definitely a scam. 

What is the Costco email address?

Costco has no official email address. The customer service department can be reached via LiveChat or phone support. 

Is Costco’s customer service good?

Yes, it is.

According to reports, it ranked top on the 2018/2019 American Customer Satisfaction Index Retail and Consumer Shipping Report. It delivers satisfactory service to customers across different locations. 

Are Costco returns free?


Costco customers are not charged for return shipping of items.