Is there a USPS scam text? Fake text messages from the United States Postal Service (USPS) are being issued to entice recipients to click a link and provide their sensitive data. Is a text from USPS a scam? The most important thing to remember is that USPS will not send you delivery alerts or tracking text messages unless you request them. Also, links are not included in postal text messages.

is there a usps scam text

A phishing technique known as a “USPS text scam” involves a malicious actor sending texts purporting to be from the U.S. Postal Service. Scam with USPS text messages includes a link to reschedule a delivery and claim that you “missed” it. The link, however, is not from the U.S. Postal Service, and clicking on it could have disastrous repercussions. Are texts from USPS scams? However, there are some characteristics that all USPS delivery SMS scammers share that can teach you how to spot them.

  • Unusual phone numbers: USPS text scams use personal 10-digit cell phone numbers instead of the five-digit numbers used for SMS marketing messages.
  •  Lack of knowledge: If you’ve missed a delivery that wasn’t expected, you probably want to know what it could have been. However, USPS text fraud doesn’t usually include shipment tracking information. If they do, your confirmation email doesn’t match them.
  • An unauthorized URL: Links in USPS text scams resemble those on the legitimate USPS website but differ slightly. Watch out for dashes or other words or numbers, such as “” Scammers frequently use forged phone numbers, display names, and website addresses to trick victims into thinking they are communicating with a reliable source.
  • Settlement amount: Postal SMS scams occasionally refer to a “settlement” payment. Although the settlement amounts range from $1 to $5, they look reasonable but are simply a smaller portion of a broader scheme to obtain financial data.

Types of USPS Scams

1. Smishing

Are USPS text scam? Phishing via a text message or phone number is known as “smishing.” Often, victims will get a misleading text message that tries to get them to give over their financial or personal information. These con artists frequently try to pass as a bank, government organization, or other business to give legitimacy to their claims. USPS uses the 5-digit short codes to send and receive an SMS to and from mobile devices. These scammers are after sensitive data such as the victim’s account usernames and passwords, Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit and debit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), and other personally identifiable information (PII). Financial fraud is one crime that takes advantage of this knowledge.

The Postal Service provides free methods for customers to track specific items, but they must register online or send a text message with a tracking number. For these services, USPS does not charge a fee! Without a customer’s prior request and a tracking number, USPS will not send consumers text messages or emails that DO NOT contain a link. Don’t click the link if you didn’t request the tracking information for a specific parcel directly from USPS.

Is USPS text a scam? Please do not click any links if you are anticipating a package but feel the text message you received is questionable. Instead, report it and go to from your computer or mobile device for tracking and more information.

2. Fake USPS phone calls

Caller ID spoofing is a method that scammers use to make calls to USPS customers that appear to come from a Postal phone number. After confirming personal information, the caller will explain that a parcel awaits delivery. Don’t fall for the trap. The U.S. Postal Service never contacts customers regarding package deliveries, and they are never asked for personally identifiable information to verify delivery.

is a text from usps a scam

How to report scams?

Is text from USPS a scam? What should you do when you receive such messages? Email sp[email protected] to report smishing involving the US Postal Service.

  • Copy the suspicious text message’s body and paste it into a new email without clicking the web link.
  •  Please include your name in the email and a screenshot of the text message that displays the sender’s phone number and the time it was sent.
  • Include in your email any pertinent information, such as whether you clicked the link, suffered financial loss, provided any personal information, or noticed any effects on your credit or other aspects of your person.
  • If more information is required, the Postal Inspection Service will contact you.
  • Send the text message or sms to 7726 (this will assist with reporting the scam phone number).

How Can Radaris Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does USPS answer text messages?

Answer: USPS responds to tracking text messages. Customers can now be informed of the status of their packages using USPS Text Tracking. Send a text message containing the recipient’s tracking number to 28777 (2USPS). The most recent tracking details for the item will be provided in the text response from USPS.

Question: How do I report phishing texts to USPS?

Answer: Send an email to [email protected] to report smishing related to the USPS. Please copy the text of the suspicious text message and paste it into a new email without hitting the website link. Include your name in the email and a snapshot of the text message that displays the sender’s phone number and the time it was sent as an attachment. Include in your email any pertinent information, such as if you followed the link, suffered financial loss, gave any personal information, or saw any effects on your person or credit.

Question: Is a USPS alert awaiting delivery a scam?

Answer: It denotes that the parcel has not yet been received by the postal service or entered into their system. Due to a tracking number on the shipping label, the postal service “knows” it will receive it. The tracking number appears in the USPS system when the seller creates the shipping label. Therefore, “awaiting item” implies that until the seller drops the parcel off at the post office.

Question: Does USPS send tracking numbers?

Answer: Yes. Customers can follow their packages in real time by using USPS tracking numbers. Additionally, they can obtain an estimated delivery date for the shipment.

Question: Does USPS send notifications?

Answer: Users can verify that email notifications are enabled by looking at their email opt-in settings. Users receive emails with grayscale photos of up to 10 pieces of incoming letter mail that will be arriving soon to the email address in their personal account.